19. June 2021

    Superfoods for Glowing skin

      Let’s talk about something really important.  SKIN CARE and FOOD.  What you put IN your body is just as…
    16. April 2021

    What are the benefits of washing your hair with cold (luke warm) water?

    As you guys know, I grew up in the Dominican Republic. Well, back then we did not have hot water…
    20. January 2021

    When life gives you lemons, make lemon water

      Have you ever noticed that in restaurants water often comes with a slice of lemon. Well, it’s not just…
    7. November 2020

    Benefits of eating 4 almonds a day

    I have a major, serious crush…on almonds. For real though. Almonds are loaded with healthy nutrients, vitamins, But wait, wait,…
    16. October 2020

    Jade Rollers

    Are Jade Rollers just a beauty hype? Jade rollers definitely look pretty, but do we definitely need them in our…


      22. January 2021

      Powerful affirmations

      Affirmations are powerful. Powerful! Why? Because by repeating, saying, hearing or writing a powerful affirmation, you will manifest it into…
      21. January 2021

      5 things that happy people do

      Life isn’t always a walk in the park. I have always asked myself so many times how do “happy people”…
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