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Affirmations are powerful. Powerful! Why? Because by repeating, saying, hearing or writing a powerful affirmation, you will manifest it into your brain. Just say it / repeat it over and over again until you actually believe your affirmation.

I will tell you guys how I do it. I choose an area of my life I want to focus on first (Love, Health, Money, Career etc.) Now pick 2 or 3 affirmations from the little list below and repeat them every morning, every night or every morning and night. I prefer to repeat them every morning, so I can start my day with a positive outlook. If you prefer to repeat it every night it is absolutely fine too, who doesn’t want to fall asleep on positive thought. I am convinced that over time, what you think will become your reality.

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create!” Buddha

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  • I am aligned with the energy of abundance.
  • Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.


  • I open my heart to love and know that I deserve it
  • I deserve love and I get it in abundance
  • I am loved, loving and lovable
  • I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends
  • I let go of my past relationships and look to the future
  • My relationship will be open, honest and full of abundance


  • I am grateful for all that I have
  • I forgive myself and set myself free
  • I am beautiful, inside and out
  • Everything I need is within me
  • I can achieve anything I set my mind to
  • I prioritize myself and my needs
  • I am worthy of my dreams


  • I am healthy, happy and radiant
  • Every day I am getting healthier and stronger
  • I honor my body by trusting the signals that it sends me
  • I am focused and motivated
  • My mind is at peace
  • I love and care for my body and it cares for me
  • My body maintains its ideal weight and health


  • Everything is always working out well for me
  • Being happy comes easy to me. Happiness is my second nature
  • No matter what happens today, I will find the positive in it
  • Even in difficult times, I choose to be see the good in life
  • I am happy and I know so I show it
  • I believe in myself and all I have to offer the world
  • I choose to surround myself with happy people

My favorite and ultimate affirmations are “I AM ENOUGH, I AM BLESSED, I AM BEAUTIFUL, MONEY COMES TO ME EASILY & I AM HAPPY.  They change my internal narrative and stop me from doubting myself.

Always remember ” YOU ARE BLESSED”




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