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How can I achieve my travel goals

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Travel destination goals and inspiration. How can I achieve my travel goals?

You probably have a travel bucket list–a list of travel goals that you want to achieve. Well, I am a proud dreamer and my travel list has too many travel goals. In this post I will show you how to achieve your travel goals.

1.) If you want—really and truly want—to travel, you have to make it a priority.

2.)  Stop making excuses
I am sure you are even aware of the excuses you are making on daily basis. Does any of these sound familiar?
I don’t have money to travel! I am too busy to travel. I don’t have anyone to travel with me. I have kids I can’t travel. Turn your excuses into a task, transform those excuses into action step by step.

3.) Set achievable travel goals
Make a list of all the destinations that you are dreaming about.
How long are you going to stay? Will you be staying in budget or a luxury hotels, airbnb, hostels etc.
Set a budget. Calculate now the approximate amount you would require for your destination.
Be realistic, I mean choose a realistic trip based on your current financial circumstances.

4.) create a budget to achieve your travel goals.
Now is time to review your expenses and to identify unnecessary costs (example eating out, coffee expenses, beauty treatments, that shirt you bought you don’t even like that much)
Can you cut down some of your costs, girl 🙂

5.) Once you’ve decided how much money you’re going to need to save for travel, you need to keep these savings separate from your everyday accounts to help you avoid spending it.

How often have you heard that having an obsession is bad. Well, in my opinion an obsession can also be good.
When you want achieve a goal that is really important to you, if you obsess over that goal it is more likely that you will achieve it.

If your goal is to travel to ROME, then talk to people that have already been there and ask them how their trip was and if they liked it.
Use Google maps, zoom in, take a look at the most known streets and visualize yourself walking and strolling around in Rome. But promise me, once you are in Rome don’t use google maps anymore just be brave and get lost.
Get yourself a travel book about Rome, watch YouTube videos, get inspired.
While reading it imagine yourself sitting in a Italian outdoor coffee, sipping cappuccino, surrounded by the fabulous Italian architecture and fountains.
Watch travel movies that will inspire your wanderlust like “” 🙂

Okay girl now is time to speak the truth! Are you suffering from a serious case of Wanderlust? All you want to do is see faraway places, taste exotic cuisine, have new experiences and get lost in translation! I truly hope this post will help you – achieve your travel goals.

Where do you want to go next? Mhhh I shall start: Well, I wanna visit Santorini, Greece hopefully soon.

You go Girl 🙂

Loa Joa

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