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What is the hype? Want a new hobby?

Let’s talk about the best thing ever: Oil pulling.

Oil pulling is an ancient practice that involves swishing oil in your mouth to remove bacteria and improve your dental health. Honestly, it is not entirely clear how oil pulling works, but it works. It pulls your bacteria from the mounth. Oil pulling is a real game-changer, well, anything that whitens my teeth…I’m in.

Okay, if I am talking about oil pulling, let’s talk what kind of oil, right. Some people use sesame  oil and I prefer coconut oil. I am hard core fan of coconut oil. Yes, organic coconut oil, of course.

My personal favorite is: extra virgin, cold pressed, organic coconut oil.

How long does the whole process take? 20 minutes. Are you serious? Yes, 20 minutes. You can check your e-mails, do your make up, walk around the house, clean the house, cook, text, make a post on Instragram or Facebook while oil pulling. Isn’t multitasking our fav thing to do. Sounds like Fun times, right? 🙂



*can kill harmful bacteria

*whiten your theeth

* Helps to clear up sinus issues

*reduce bad breath

*reduce inflammation and improve gum health


How to do it?

Take a tablespoon of oil, such as coconut, sesame or olive oil

Swish it around your mouth for 15-20 minutes. Careful, please do not swallow it. 

Spit in into the trash can once you are done. 

If you want to know more about it:

While I was writing this post, I was oil pulling. Long live multi-tasking.

Shine bright like a Diamond



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