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Want a free face lift?

What am I talking about? Yes, face yoga. I am serious. Yoou know like yoga for your face.

In this post you will be learning effective yoga exercises that you can do at home. No, I did not invent them. I am just obsessed with everything that can defy gravity and tighten my skin.


Face yoga expert  Danielle Collins  will show the facial exercises in the link below. So, get it started girls, start working all layers of your skin, facial exercises are bomb and can help increase blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrient to reach the cells of our skin. What is the result? A clearer complexion and healthy glow thanks to fewer toxins. 

Believe it or not but Facial Yoga is a natural alternative to antiaging remedies. Let me tell you, it works. Of course, I have been trying it. Anyway, here are exercises you can do at home:

 youtube link:  Face Yoga – 6 Exercises To Do At Home 

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