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What are the benefits of washing your hair with cold (luke warm) water?

As you guys know, I grew up in the Dominican Republic. Well, back then we did not have hot water in the shower. Meaning since I was a little girl I have washed my hair in cold water. But honestly, I still like the feeling of cold water on my scalp. It just feels soooo fresh and sooooo clean. If you can’t deal with cold water, use luke warm.

Now it turns out something I did not do intentionally turns out to be so good. Can you believe this?!
Well, I will tell you now why you and everyone else should wash your hair in cold water. If  you just can’t do it, I mean, if showering with cold water ain’t your thing, I got you and I understand you. Well, just finish off with a quick cold rinse 🙂

What are the benefits of washing your hair with cold water

  • It preserves our natural oils which gives your hair the shine we all love
    rising can make your hair color fade quicker
  • Cold water helps close the cuticles

  • Cold water controls breakage, frizz and pesky flyaways, which is important for those with curly or thin hair

  • Cold water improves blood circulation, meaning washing hair with cold water promotes hair growth

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