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Benefits of eating 4 almonds a day

I have a major, serious crush…on almonds. For real though.

Almonds are loaded with healthy nutrients, vitamins,

But wait, wait, wait…let’s check the benefits of almonds out.

Almonds are the native fruit of Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Africa. But it is eaten across the world for the various health benefits it offers. Almonds are loaded with healthy nutrients, vitamins and, minerals which are required by our body. Eating almonds everyday is very beneficial for your health, skin and hair. It helps you deal with various health issues including brain function, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, inflammation, skin and hair related issues.

Prevent heart diseases and heart attacks
Improve digestion
Prevent diabetes
Helps lose weight
Prevent hair fall
Promote hair growth

Benefits of almonds for our skin

Here we go, let’s talk now about the benefits for our skin. Did you know you can use almods and almond oil to make different types of masks and face packs to cure some common skin issues? Whatt!!! Yes, here we go.

Helps remove dark circle
Make a paste of soaked almonds or apply some natural almond oil near your eyes, where you have the dark circles. Keep it overnight and wash it off the next morning.

Wanna look younger

Everything that makes my skin look younger, I am in.
Make a thick paste or face mask with almonds, lemon and honey. Apply it and after 30 minutes, wash off with clear water.

Exfoliation of skin

Almonds can also be used for exfoliation of the skin. A  Mix almonds with honey and yogurt will help  remove the impurities and the dead skin cells.


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