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IBIZA – magic Party island??

What? You have never heard of IBIZA…but I am sure you have heard the song of Mike Posner
(I took a pill in Ibiza), who might have you believe, the island is just about popping bottles and hanging out with international DJs and hot dancers – although all this things can definitely happen.
When you actually make it to the island you might find yourself surprised by just how
different everything is from what you’ve have envision.

Before you head to the island, here are some things you should know about Ibiza and you shouldn’t miss!

Isn’t Ibiza a Party island?

Noooo, don’t get me wrong, but Ibiza is not just a non-stop party. 

Ibiza has an extensive history rooted in the hippie culture and the flower power movement.

The Es Vedra rocks are said to be the third most magnetic place on Earth

Dalt Vila – Ibiza Old Town
Translating literally as Ibiza Upper town, this ancient fort is registered as UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Beach clubs (day time)
Two of my favorite pass times in ibiza is spending the day at one of many beautiful beach Clubs.
You can arrive for late lunch or brunch around 2 or 3 pm, and spent the afternoon chilling on the day beds. Some of my fav beach clubs are: Ocean Beach, Beach house Ibiza, Ushuaia and the most
exclusive Blue Marlin Ibiza.

Cafe del Mar (evening)
You cannot visit Ibiza without going to Cafe del Mar! This beachfront restaurant/bar in
San Antonio bay is where it all started. This is were chill out music was literally born.
They say Cafe del Mar was born to put music to the sunset. I cannot describe how amazing it is to sip a cocktail and dine while watching the balearic sunset. If you don’t get a table at Cafe del Mar go next door to the famous Cafe Mambo! Let’s be honest though, even if you don’t get a table and you will be probably just sitting on a rock on the beach, just enjoy this wonderful experience (for free).

Where to eat and drink?
Where to eat Drinks and Dinner are a very late affair in Spain. I am sure your body clock will be all over the place, usually lunch is around 3pm, dinner doesn’t start till 10pm the earliest, followed by drinks and please do not even think about going to the club till at least 2 am.


Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

My favs

La Brasa (Oldtown)
Good quality food, very nice staff and the interior of the restaurant is just awesome!

Cotton beach club

La Torreta & La Bodega
Charming restaurants located in the upper old town of the center of Ibiza.

You should know that Ibiza is dance music lovers paradise. Ibiza is the place where the Fiesta/Party never ends and that is because the island has the best clubs in the world. A visit of one of the clubs is a MUST.
Okay, I hope you’re siting comfortably, the tickets for the famous Parties range from 40 EUR to 80 EUR. The drinks are not really cheap either a beer will cost you up to 12EUR in club. Let’s stop talking about prices because in Ibiza you’ll have nights you will never forget.

If you have a day spare, then please visit the neighboring island Formentera and thank me later. This island is absolutely stunning, beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Unlike Ibiza, you will not find any clubs as this island is keeping a slower pace. It will take only about 30 min to 1 hour to travel to Formentera by boat. When you get off the boat, rent a scooter or a bike and explore the island and have fun!
OK, I got you, you are not ready to fly home yet? Psssst…you will find the amazing airfares from Ibiza to bBarcelona— just sayin’!

Catch flights not feelings!



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